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Going Paperless

It’s been 6 months since I went paperless and I’m more organised, clutter free then I’ve ever been. My weapon of choice was a Doxie One, I use Dropbox and Evernote to store my documents in the cloud.

I’ve used other scanners in the past and nothing competes with the portability and simplisticness of the Doxie. It sits on the side in my kitchen taking up zero room waiting for me to arrive home and put my post through it. Every month I take the SD and file the scans into their relevant folder.

The one (and only so far) drawback of the Doxie is the lack of been able to scan anything above A4 size but tbh I havent had a situation where I’ve needed to as of yet.

I would highly recommend this piece of kit to anyone and I would also recommend going paperless. You can’t begin to realise the convenience of having all your documents there with you when you need them.

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Last night Wunderlist released version 3 of their to-do app to the world. First impressions are good but it still lacks some key features preventing me from moving away from my beloved Remember the Milk. Here’s why…


My favourite feature of RTM is their integration with other third party apps/services. I’ve tried literally every to-do app except Omnifocus (pricey) and I always end up coming back. The options for adding tasks are endless, here are some examples:

  • Email
  • Any browser
  • Google Mail
  • Google Cal
  • Twitter
  • Most Smartphone’s (Android, iOS, BB)
  • Alfred (see this)
  • Siri
  • Microsoft Outlook

Even better, whilst there are x amounts of ways to add a task, there are even more to receive a notification when the task is due. The above list is a start + the following:

  • Instant Messaging (AIM, Google Talk, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, etc)
  • SMS
  • Twitter DM


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Organise by Action

So I have OCD, not real OCD just the subtle kind where I like to have things in order and that is the same when it comes to ordering my iPhone apps.

I never had this issue until folders where brought into iOS and since that update, I haven’t quite got my phone organised right. I have up until now continuously tried to keep the apps in category based folders which is fine for games etc but what happens when its an app like Instagram, does this go under ‘Photography’ or ‘Social’, who the frig knows!

I found this (post by Gina Trapani)[] that seems to have solved my issue. It was a simple change to organise apps not by category but by action instead.

Simple change it may be, but it does work. I now have folders including ‘read’, ‘play’, ‘write’, etc.

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